What To Do When Your Clients Don’t Pay Within Terms

Companies and organizations are often challenged with what to do when clients don’t pay within terms. There are some accounts that routinely do not pay outstanding invoices within your terms. These are opportunities to improve your company’s cash flow. While … Continue reading


New York Collection Attorney: Lay the Foundation to Build Your Case

Image result for building the foundationIn order to best represent your interests, understanding the underlying transaction is key for your New York Collections Attorney. The facts together with the supporting documents will lay the foundation to build your case.

An explanation of the customer’s reason for non-payment, if any should be divulged at the onset. Doing so will help Continue reading “New York Collection Attorney: Lay the Foundation to Build Your Case”


Invoicing: Vary the Delivery Method to Maximize New York Debt Collection

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To maximize New York Debt Collection on unpaid invoices, consider varying the method in which you deliver your invoices. Doing so may get you paid.

Take a lead from my digital legal library provider. The vendor had traditionally mailed invoices. For us, invoice came in, payment went out.

At some point the vendor stopped mailing invoices and began emailing them. Honestly, I did not notice.

Aside from rent, payroll and a few other monthly charges, if I do not have a bill Continue reading “Invoicing: Vary the Delivery Method to Maximize New York Debt Collection”


Fortify Your Collection Policy with Technology

Image result for technology imagesFortify your collection policy with technology to maximize the policy’s impact to see more money in your pocket.

Your collection policy sets forth all of the steps from sale through invoicing and collection efforts. Included are checks and balances to support the efforts including documents, calendared dates for Continue reading “Fortify Your Collection Policy with Technology”