What To Do When Your Clients Don’t Pay Within Terms

Companies and organizations are often challenged with what to do when clients don’t pay within terms. There are some accounts that routinely do not pay outstanding invoices within your terms. These are opportunities to improve your company’s cash flow. While … Continue reading


Five Tips to Help Your Collectors Collect More Money for You

Image result for someone holding bags of money Your collector wants to collect money for you. The better the tools you provide them, the greater success your collector will achieve. Here are five tools/tips to help your collector(s):

Tip 1: Communicate Reasonable Expectations

Make sure you have reasonable expectations for your collector’s performance. What percentage of the portfolio do you expect the collector to recover? Are your expectations reasonable based upon the size of the claims, the age of the accounts and overall collectability? Continue reading “Five Tips to Help Your Collectors Collect More Money for You”