You Can Collect Damages in Your New York Debt Collection Claim

Your ability to collect monies from a non-paying client in a New York Debt Collection case is most often limited by your very own contract. The ability to collect monies owed from the customer (damages)  due to their  non-performance: their … Continue reading


Demand for Payment of Commercial Debt

Time is of the essence to get you paid. It is no secret that past due receivables are often an unhealthy sign of a company’s financial well-being or a signal that it soon will be. There are options to collect debt such as a Demand for Payment. There are other debt collection options as well. A seasoned Debt Collection Law Firm such as ours can help you decide which path to take.

Here at FFGN, we have provided commercial debt collection services in New York over the years to a multitude of companies and across a large cross section of industries. This experience has been instrumental to help develop our processes that maximize the likelihood of a successful debt collection.

We’d like to help you better understand the Demand Phase of commercial debt collection claims. We also want to introduce you to how these claims are handled at FFGN.

Some of our clients go straight to litigation, mediation or arbitration. Many choose to work with us as their New York Legal Debt Collection Agency. In these instances, they place a demand for payment claim before moving onto next steps, if at all. Continue reading “Demand for Payment of Commercial Debt”


New York Debt Collection Blog: Elevate Your Demand for Payment, Make Your Voice Heard

Related imageYou need to make sure your “voice” is heard when demanding to be paid during your New York Debt Collection process.

People always say that it’s in the “ask”.  How are you asking to be paid?

An advertising client sent over a large claim against a hospital. The claim, a sizable balance, was forwarded with the name of the A/P clerk in charge. We called several times but were never able to reach the clerk by phone. Voice mails were unanswered.  Our email might have been in the inbox buried below more urgent requests, deleted, trapped in spam….

The letter mailed and delivered by the US Post Office, who knows?

Realizing we were not being heard, I elevated the demand for payment and called the CFO’s office. When returning the call a few hours later, The CFO, tried to refer us to the hospital’s A/P clerk. You know the one, the one who ignored us.  No thanks.

If the CFO was too busy to help get our client paid, we would need to Continue reading “New York Debt Collection Blog: Elevate Your Demand for Payment, Make Your Voice Heard”