Can You Get Sanctions When There Are Bogus Defenses Used In A Debt Collection Litigation?

A debt collection litigation can spur bogus defenses from a debtor who is attempting to minimize or avoid their payment obligation. There may be cases where debtors have a legitimate reason for withholding payment. However, there are enough cases of … Continue reading


You Can Collect Damages in Your New York Debt Collection Claim

Your ability to collect monies from a non-paying client in a New York Debt Collection case is most often limited by your very own contract. The ability to collect monies owed from the customer (damages)  due to their  non-performance: their … Continue reading


Can a Court Ordered Settlement Conference Help Settle Your Case?

At some stage during the litigation life of your case, your attorneys will be required to appear in Court for a settlement conference. You may be required, or, want to appear to get a peek into the process. Our recent settlement conference in New York Federal Court was a stellar example of how a Court ordered settlement conference can help settle your case.

In this case there were multiple parties to the litigation each pointing their finger towards the other. The Judge had a tall order.

In preparation for the conference, each party was required to submit a letter to the Court setting forth the reasons they thought they were entitled to win their case. The letters were required to be a certain length and Continue reading “Can a Court Ordered Settlement Conference Help Settle Your Case?”


New York Collection Attorney: Lay the Foundation to Build Your Case

Image result for building the foundationIn order to best represent your interests, understanding the underlying transaction is key for your New York Collections Attorney. The facts together with the supporting documents will lay the foundation to build your case.

An explanation of the customer’s reason for non-payment, if any should be divulged at the onset. Doing so will help Continue reading “New York Collection Attorney: Lay the Foundation to Build Your Case”