Can You Get Sanctions When There Are Bogus Defenses Used In A Debt Collection Litigation?

A debt collection litigation can spur bogus defenses from a debtor who is attempting to minimize or avoid their payment obligation. There may be cases where debtors have a legitimate reason for withholding payment. However, there are enough cases of … Continue reading


What To Do When Your Clients Don’t Pay Within Terms

Companies and organizations are often challenged with what to do when clients don’t pay within terms. There are some accounts that routinely do not pay outstanding invoices within your terms. These are opportunities to improve your company’s cash flow. While … Continue reading


New York Debt Collection: Will Late Billing Prevent Success?

SONY DSCYou’ve heard it before: “Do not wait to send your invoices out. “BILL, BILL, BILL!”

Granted, sometimes prompt billing is not possible — perhaps a job has not been closed out or a partner has not submitted his time — and an invoice (or two) falls behind. Regardless, you should always aim to invoice in a timely manner as late billing can hurt your business.

Here are three ways delayed invoicing can hurt your business: Continue reading “New York Debt Collection: Will Late Billing Prevent Success?”


Do I take the customer’s call after referring the claim to a debt collection attorney?

IMG_00001353Your collection manager gave it their best shot — calls, letters, emails, faxes, an offer to go to debtor’s premises to pick up a check — before referring your non-paying customer out for collection. If the debtor doesn’t respond, or the responsive is not productive, your best option is to send the claim to a collection attorney.

A collection attorney’s job is to make that phone ring and bring the debtor to the table. There’s a good chance, after receiving calls and letters from an attorney, your once silent customer will reach out to you.

Then what? Do you call the customer back? Continue reading “Do I take the customer’s call after referring the claim to a debt collection attorney?”