Debt Collection Attorney Jocelyn Nager Recognized for Legal Excellence

Jocelyn Nager, Super LawyerMs. Jocelyn Nager, Esq., the managing partner of Frank, Frank, Goldstein & Nager, has been awarded an AV Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell for 2020. An AV Preeminent rating is the highest possible rating a lawyer can receive.

Ratings are determined through a strenuous peer-review process from members of the Bar and judiciary. Those who receive an AV Preeminent rating hold the highest rankings in both legal ability and ethical standards. Lawyers must be practicing for at least 10 years to qualify.

The rating process is managed by Martindale-Hubbell, an information services firm for the legal profession and the authority in attorney reviews and ratings. This is the fifth year Ms. Nager’s been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell.

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Collecting a Debt When Your Client Offers to Settle But Does Not Pay

Photo of a stack of money to represent when a client offers to settle but does not payYou completed your end of the deal but when it came time to pay your customer did not. After repeated invoicing, the customer finally offers to settle the balance due in writing but does not pay. Now that you are enforcing your right to collect and pursuing “legal” options, the debtor has changed their tune. Your non-paying client is now defending the debt collection case you brought against them. The debtor has also included sham counterclaims claiming the services or goods were defective.

How is this possible given their previous offer to settle? Isn’t the mere fact that they offered to pay proof they owe the money? It depends.

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Getting a Judgment in Your New York Debt Collection Case During the Pandemic

photo of a gavel to represent debt collection during the pandemic.Maybe you already started a New York debt collection case and are waiting for a judgment or are looking to file a new case.  With news of court closures, partial staffing, extensions, and a likelihood of an increased infection rate in New York, will you be able to get a judgment in your debt collection case during the pandemic?

Your concern is valid. Before New York was placed on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, New York courts already had delays in processing judgments. Budget cuts, the voluminous filings after the 2008 recession, and catching up on older court filings created a backlog for the clerks to reach and enter judgments.

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Domesticating Out-of-State Default Judgments in New York

Image of New York City to represent domesticating an out-of-state judgmentAs New York debt collection attorneys, other attorneys and creditors often retain us when domesticating out-of-state judgments in New York. New York draws a large distinction between out-of-state judgments obtained on the merits and those obtained on default.

The court does not ask why the creditor seeks domestication in New York. In most cases, it’s because the judgment debtor maintains assets within New York.

We outlined the process for domesticating a judgment in New York but thought an in-depth discussion might be helpful for the out-of-state practitioner preparing their files for forwarding to domesticate an out-of-state default judgment in New York.

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