Industries Served

Below are our statistics of recovery for claims placed with our office.

These numbers aid in understanding the importance of certain factors. Factors to consider when placing a claim are age of the receivable, size of the receivable, customer characteristics as well as the underlying transaction creating the receivable to begin with. By analyzing the data, effective changes in the business work flow process can be made. This can and does improve the bottom line.

Breakdown of Statistics:

Industry Percentage of Recovery
Insurance Companies 48%
Accounting 51%
Elevators 70%
Windows 95%
Cleaning 78%
Security 96%
Architecture 84%
Fabricators & Installers 81%
Schools 50%
Building Supplies
 Distributors 86%
 Manufacturers 116%
Box & Packaging
 Manufacturers 89%
 Wholesalers 69%
Apparel & Garments
 Distributors 65%
 Importers or Exporters 73%
 Manufacturers 52%


Past performance does not guaranty results.

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