Being Late Can Hurt Your New York Debt Collection Case

A watch representing how being late can hurt your debt collection case.Once you start legal action to collect debt in New York, you need to continue the momentum. One day too late may mean you lose the chance to continue your New York debt collection case. In fact, your delay could result in the debtor getting your case dismissed.

The court may find the delay in taking action on your case unreasonable. The other side may take steps to demand you take action to move the case forward. Or, no one takes any action and the court rules you abandoned your case for “want of prosecution.” Abandoning your debt collection case can happen even when the debtor doesn’t appear.

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Jocelyn Nager Shares How She Became a Debt Collection Lawyer

Jocelyn Nager, a debt collection attorney.In this post, Jocelyn Nager, the President of Frank, Frank, Goldstein & Nager, shares how she became a debt collection lawyer. 

Before online job listings, one of the best ways to land a position was by way of introduction or responding to classified ads in person or by mail.

I worked for law firms during the second and third year of law school. My first year I sold shoes at Botticelli, a high-end shoe store in Rockefeller Center.

Coming from a family of accountants and educators, introductions to potential law firms were hard to come by. To find a job, I used the classifieds in the law journal.

I prepared personalized cover letters for each resume I sent out. I’d drop off the “envelopes” every Sunday evening to be in the first batch of resumes — each addressed to a separate blind ad at the offices of The New York Law Journal on Ninth Avenue.

I didn’t know what type of law I wanted to practice. I just knew I wanted to work, and quickly! Since I was eager and ambitious, I answered almost every ad posted for an entry-level position.

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What Happens When a Debtor Appeals the Order of the Court?

CourthouseYou won your debt collection case. Now your non-paying customer says they are going to appeal the order of the court awarding your judgment. Is this just a tactic to further delay payment or will their appeal prevent you from collecting your judgment?

Whether an appeal will delay enforcement of your judgment to force payment depends on what actions the appealing party takes.

Much to the surprise of the appealing party, filing of an appeal does not prohibit you from enforcing your judgment.

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Most Common Scams Targeting Debt Collectors

Photo of a laptop with the screen partially closed.As with any service provider, scammers are out there — and debt collectors aren’t exempt from being targeted. In our case, The “prospective client” found us online, how many clients find us, perhaps as the result of researching a topic and finding one of our 320 articles through Google

The prospective client, an architect, contacted us to handle an account. The architect claimed they worked on residential property in the West Village and were owed $162,000.00.

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