Commercial Debt Defense

There are times where businesses may find themselves a named defendant in New York debt litigation, often to no fault of their own.

This may happen because:

  • The summons and complaint may have just been served and the business needs to be defended in the case, or
  • Judgment was wrongfully entered against the company and/or guarantor and help is needed to vacate the judgment, or
  • The business’ bank account(s) or merchant accounts have been frozen or restrained and you need to unfreeze the account, or
  • You signed a personal guarantee and the loan is being called in, or
  • You just need help negotiating with the creditor.

Whatever the reason, we are available and can help.

A corporation can not represent itself in New York debt collection litigation. Corporations must retain counsel to protect their interests. Commercial guarantors can represent themselves, though that might not be the best strategy.

Why not be smart and choose a firm that is fluent in debt collection litigation to assist you? A firm well-versed in the world of defenses and motion practice, to further your interests.

Some of our collection clients are our commercial debt defense clients. You don’t need to be an existing client for us to assist you with commercial debt defense. We have the experience that pays…

For assistance with commercial debt defense, email us or call 212-686-0100 for a free consultation.