Legal Debt Collection

Demand for payment has been unsuccessful – What Now?

If you provided goods, rendered service, lent money or are owed money by a non- paying client, we believe that you are entitled to be paid.

If your demands for payment or demands by a credit professional have been unsuccessful in obtaining payment, then it is time to take the next step. Your next step options are litigation, mediation or arbitration.

If you had a written agreement with your customer, the agreement may have had a provision to resolve fee disputes. The contract may stipulate whether you can litigate, arbitrate or mediate the fee in dispute (non-payment). The next step to collect, the “legal debt” process may be governed by your agreement.

If you did not have a written agreement and/or if your agreement with the customer did not provide for a fee dispute, you may still pursue legal debt collection service. It is also important to recognize that you are not precluded from getting paid simply because your client did not sign on the dotted line or because your agreement failed to address the possibility of non-payment. You may be able to go straight to debt collection litigation.

Whether your next step is mediation, arbitration or litigation, or a combination thereof, FFGN can help you recover what is rightfully due you. Learn more about mediation and arbitration in New York.

We’ll even help you explore the possibility that your customer may be responsible to pay legal fees, interest in excess of the legal rate and additional charges based upon the written contract. To understand the “next step”, the costs involved and the likelihood of success, we encourage you to forward all related documentation to us for review.

We encourage you to act swiftly because the longer you wait, your odds of collecting can diminish.

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