What are the Costs to Sue On Your NYC Commercial Debt Collections Claim?

NYC Commercial Debt CollectionsWhen starting legal action on your NYC commercial debt collections case, your collection attorney will request you advance costs to cover anticipated disbursements. The amount requested is just enough to cover the costs of filing and service of the summons and complaint, fees, if any, associated with the entry of judgment, and some post judgment enforcement work.

Depending on the Court and number of defendants in the case, the amount requested can range from $225.00 to $650.00. The initial outlay is usually sufficient to cover the cost of most NYC commercial debt collections claims. Please note, however, that there are additional costs associated with continuing litigation that are not requested in advance. Some examples are costs associated with depositions, travel, trial, appeal etc.

The initial cost outlay by a creditor wishing to bring a commercial debt collections case to suit in New York City State Court is low in comparison to other states. Click here to view an itemization of the Court costs in New York State.

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