What’s the Rate of Recovery for NY Debt Collection?

Money in a money clip.The disclaimer “past results do not guarantee future performance” is true of many things including the recovery rate for commercial debt collection.

A prospective client asked if I maintained statistics of our past NY Debt Collection claims. Whether he wanted to size us up, confirm the likelihood of collecting his claim, or both, the question was direct and a good one.

If you try searching collection rates for collection agencies and attorneys or general statistics of debt collection recovery, you won’t find many results.

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What a Successful Commercial Debt Collection Process Looks Like

Image of a secret room behind a wall of books.Having navigated the commercial debt collection process for over 80 years, we are always learning how to improve and get a better rate of return on our calls. Experience has taught us that it’s important to have processes and procedures in place in order for success.

In this discussion, we’ll talk specifically about how FFGN handles commercial claims. Every case is unique and some clients prefer to bypass the demand phase and proceed directly to litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

Understanding FFGN’s commercial debt collection process can help both parties be on the same page as well as meet client expectations.

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