Sued in a New York City Debt Collection Case?

imagesAre you being pursued for monies allegedly owed in a New York debt collection case? Your best line of defense is to contact and hire a New York City debt collection attorney. A collection attorney that’s practice is devoted exclusively on the bad debt that is.

When being pursued for payment either pre-suit or after suit or an intent to arbitrate or mediate by a creditor alleging you owe money, you want to hire an attorney that is most familiar with viable defenses in a debt collection case. A true debt collection attorney can explain, make your rights and your chances of defending the case because of their knowledge and experience representing creditors in similar actions.

Defenses in debt collection cases vary by industry, underlying transactions and specific facts of the case. Strategies used to defend a case and the Court’s rulings will impact your responsibility to pay, if at all. The same line of thinking applies in helping to negotiate pre-suit demands for payments.

We have helped corporate clients defend cases brought against them as well. Take for example our client who a guarantor of his company’s defaulted line of credit. Demand was made on our client by a company that had purchased the line from the bank. Although the guarantee was valid, the fact that the debt had been sold to a third party made a tremendous difference to our client and allowed us to negotiate a payoff figure of 30% of the total outstanding due. Our knowledge of the special rules in New York affecting debt buyers allowed us to negotiate more aggressively on our client’s behalf and insists that the derogatory mark on client’s credit be removed.

Another example of how this experienced debt collection firm is able to defend client’s debt collection cases is our representations of owners and managing agents of real property in New York. Owners or managing agents may have hired contractors to work on properties and received services that may have been inadequate. The clients have a good reason for non-payment but may served with summons and complaint or mechanics liens filed on the property on balances that are truly disputed. Knowledge of defenses in this areas combined with motion practice to and the Courts ability to impose penalties can be very helpful in resolving these claims quickly.

If you are being used by someone trying to collect monies, this New York City law firm focused on debt collection is the right firm for you. A history of successful representation of creditors equities with the best defense for you.

If your need to defend a New York debt collection claim., contact NYC debt collection lawyers, Frank Frank Goldstein & Nager for a free consultation.