The Facts In Every Debt Collection Case Are Unique

Your case is unique. Each case should be handled differently.

A “collection” case is based on breach of contract, oral or written, and each contract is unique to the parties involved. The nature of the dispute and the action taken depends upon what had transpired during the transaction as based on the terms and conditions stated in the contract as well as the situation surrounding the case.

In many cases, a customized approach may yield the best results. For example, when time is of the essence, as in a recent case we handled for client Bay Ridge Fuel Corp., debtor’s properties were to be sold within 30 days, the traditional approach would have taken too long to yield payment. Instead of filing a Summons and Complaint and waiting for a Judgment after litigating the case, we made an emergency application to the Court for an Order of Attachment to restrain monies in the debtor’s bank account and for a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting the transfer of money from the buyer to the seller (the debtor). Within seventy two (72) hours of filing the application with the Court, after notice to all parties, our client’s claim was paid in full.