Commercial Debt Collection: Top 10 Reasons It Takes So Long To Get Paid

Commercial Debt Collection

Top 10 reasons why it takes so long to get paid on commercial debt collection:

1. The debtor led you to believe you were going to get paid so you held on to the claim,

2. The claim appeared collectable, but you decided not to pursue suit,

3. The debtor hid their assets,

4. The debtor put in a sham answer and counterclaim,

5. The Courts are very backed up and it took a long time to get a trial date,

6. The customer had no intention to pay, he is a “debtor”,

7. There were prior executions against the debtor; you had to wait in line,

8. The debtor filed for bankruptcy,

9. You didn’t use a collection firm,

10. The debtor tried to stall using some/all of these tactics: filing a counterclaim, agreeing to settle and then not signing the agreement or returning the necessary paperwork.

Almost all of these delays in payment can be avoided. Call this New York City commercial debt collection attorney and get paid now.