Commercial Debt Defense

There are times where businesses may find themselves a named defendant in New York debt litigation, often to no fault of their own. This may happen because: The summons and complaint may have just been served and the business needs … Continue reading

Can You Get Sanctions When There Are Bogus Defenses Used In A Debt Collection Litigation?

A debt collection litigation can spur bogus defenses from a debtor who is attempting to minimize or avoid their payment obligation. There may be cases where debtors have a legitimate reason for withholding payment. However, there are enough cases of … Continue reading

Fraud in the Inducement: Compete Defense to Payment?

The news is filled with stories of individuals and businesses permitted to walk away from monies owed without repaying the debts. Debts legitimately owed to creditors who render services or sell goods. Why is this happening and, more importantly, could … Continue reading