Why Does Your Debt Collection Lawyer Want You To Sign This Affidavit And Why Must It Be Notarized?

The goal of this debt collection lawyer is to work on the case and get the client paid without much involvement from the client. Clients would rather spend time focused on growing their business and securing paying customers than chasing bad debt. When you are asked to do any additional work on a case, like getting a paper notarized, it can be frustrating.

That is where your debt collection lawyer comes in. It is their job to secure payments (on your behalf) on past due receivables. At FFGN, we do our best to get our clients paid prior to pursuing legal action. If that is not possible, subject to client’s authorization, we then pursue the case through legal means to get the client paid.

The debt collection lawyer must present your testimony to the Court detailing what took place. If you are not present to testify, the means to accomplish this goal is by way of an Affidavit. Your lawyer can present this information by way of ‘papers,’ and ask the Judge for a decision.

An Affidavit can be used in support of a case or for other purposes. The wording in the body of the Affidavit depends upon its use. An Affidavit is a statement sworn to, under the penalties of perjury, before someone who can verify your identity. The signor of the Affidavit is known as the Affiant or deponent. The person verifying your identity is a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths. The Affidavit must be “executed” or signed in the presence of the Notary. If the Notary does not know the person signing the Affidavit, he/she should ask for identification to confirm the identity of that person.

We want to win your case and get you paid. Your debt collection lawyer should want to avoid you spending your time at the Courthouse. We know it can be time consuming to find a Notary to witness your signature on the Affidavit, but it is an important step to save you time down the line. Remember that Affidavits executed outside of New York State must have an accompanying Certificate of Conformity.

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