Commercial Debt Collections Litigation: Collecting Commercial Debt in New York, A Role Model

Commercial Debt Collections LitigationNew York Supreme Court, a pioneer, first established a separate commercial division in 1995. The only state in the country to organize a separate Commercial Division, New York was a leader. Other states adjust their rules and regulations regarding commercial debt collections litigation to reflect those of New York. They continue to look to New York’s Court Systems and Procedures.

The Commercial Division of the Supreme Court strives to stay current and reflective of the world around them. The monetary threshold of $150,000.00 in New York County coupled with the increasing complexity of cases called for a change in commercial debt collections litigation.

The Court strives to be on the cutting edge of technology, adjudication of complex issues and should include alternative dispute resolution. In order to accomplish that goal recently the Judges in the Commercial Division created a task force. The goal was to take the Commercial Division to the next level and help the business community continue to work towards growth. In order to assess necessary changes to help adjudicate the ever increasing load of cases, the Commercial Division created the task force in 2012. This task force was determined to help the currently strained economy through suggesting improvements in commercial debt collections litigation.

The task force was set up to evaluate and understand principles that may and may not be working. It included professionals of all kinds across the business community. The reinvention of the Commercial Division has had a positive impact for creditors suing on commercial debt collections claims in New York.

Suggestions made by the Task Force include:

  • Increasing the monetary threshold to $500,000.00 for New York County
  • Reviewing and revising the types of cases qualified to be a part of the Commercial Division
  • Having the Commercial Division involved in the case earlier in the process

Due to the initial restructuring of the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court, the complexity of cases are handled by Judges who are specifically assigned to those parts. They are knowledgeable, experienced, capable to hear and process complex litigation and facts with favorable outcomes to plaintiffs. These Judges ONLY see these types of cases.

It is hopeful the most recent proposed changes made by the Task Force will be implemented shortly. Call this Manhattan commercial debt collections litigation attorney to submit a claim at (212) 686-0100 or email