Establishing Your Client’s Expectations to Pay: Advice from Your New York Debt Collection Attorney

You meet and begin a relationship. You establish a rapport and explore the possibility of doing business together.

Consider purchasing item(s) on the internet. The product descriptions are clear. The buyer understands the product they are ordering. The seller specified the return policy, shipping terms, and estimated date of arrival. Once you agree to buy and check out you are required to pay.

Expectations are clear. The client expects the best goods and services from you. You expect timely payment and hope for repeat business.

Parties are clear from the beginning of the relationship or are they?

The time to communicate expectations is before you begin doing business together. Credit, billing and payment details should be included as part of the conversation. It is imperative to review them with your client before you begin doing business in the same manner as you review the goods being sold or the services to be delivered. The arrangements must be confirmed in writing in the same manner as the product or service to be delivered.

  • Be clear in communicating expectations of receiving timely payment.
  • Bill as expected by the client and expect payment in return as agreed.
  • If you are lax in billing or follow up, expect your client to return the favor.

Communicating mutual expectations can go a long way to achieving high client satisfaction and payment. For further questions on New York debt collection and communicating expectations contact us (212)-686-0100 or email Jocelyn directly at