How To Choose the Right New York Debt Collection Lawyer for Your Claim

A woman sitting at a table shaking hands with a manBy Jocelyn Nager

Finding the right New York debt collection lawyer to handle your claim will prevent you from throwing good money after bad and will mean the difference between getting paid and not getting paid.

Whether you found your New York collection lawyer as the result of a google search or through a recommendation, there are ways to ensure you’ve picked the right lawyer for your claim.

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Register a Foreign Judgment in NY

A man's hands signing papers.Can you register a foreign judgment in NY? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes! After obtaining a judgment in federal court, you can register the judgment in NY’s state court. And you should. Let’s talk about why you should.

Attorneys and their clients love to leverage the element of surprise. You want to seize assets to satisfy a foreign judgment once registered in New York. Consequently, you don’t want to provide notice of the judgment’s registry in New York.  But what if you don’t have to? Perhaps providing notice of the judgment’s registration is not the law. Continue reading “Register a Foreign Judgment in NY”


Debt Collection Agent or Debt Write-off?

Debt collection agent or write off a bad debt, which is the way to go? Read on for help in preparing for the decision.

The end of the year is approaching with tax season just around the corner. Your tax professional will soon ask for a list of your accounts receivable. The question will be what you want to do about bad debts. Should you write off a bad debt and take a bad debt reduction? Or, do you send it to a debt collection agent? This will give you an understanding of two common options.  Continue reading “Debt Collection Agent or Debt Write-off?”