Why Focus Solely on Commercial Debt Collection?

Commercial Debt CollectionThe saying goes: jack of all trades, master of none. Why use a general practitioner when you could use a firm whose sole practice is devoted to treating your pain point? This same idea applies in the practice of law, especially when it comes to commercial debt collection.

Many firms “handle” commercial collection as an aside or a feeder to the rest of their practice. Similar to a one stop shop, servicing your collection claims, they can also handle your real estate, wills, bankruptcy, matrimonial, etc. The firm handles your debt collection case as a loss leader, to get you in the door.

FFGN has chosen (since 1940) to handle debt collection EXCLUSIVELY. It’s not a side dish but the main course. We know how to push the case forward through demand, debt collection litigation, and judgment. FFGN’s firm yet professional approach allows us to obtain payment quickly.

Call this New York City commercial debt collection attorney at (212) 686-0100 or email jnager@ffgnesqs.com for a free consultation and/or to submit a claim.