Will a Debt Collection Lawyer’s Letter Cause Your Customer to Pay?

The hope is the debt collection lawyer will send a letter, email or call, obtain immediate payment and return payment in full to the client within 45-60 days. That’s the dream of clients and collection law firms alike. Sometimes dreams come true. Most often, however, to reach your goal of receiving payment, it often takes more than a simple letter. 

Q. Why can’t a “lawyer’s letter” guaranty immediate payment from a non-paying customer?

A. Your non-paying customer wants to put you to the test to see if you will go all the way to collect your money.

Debtors know that only a percentage of creditors will actually file suit and litigate to collect monies due. Customers who have already beaten you for the balance due, now test your determination and tolerance for risk. They are betting that you will not go all the way and file a lawsuit to collect your money. “These customers” don’t pay because they received a letter. A summons and sometimes litigation is necessary to pry loose dollars owed from “these customers”.

Don’t let the debtor be the victor. Get what is owed to you and go all the way.  Call this debt collection lawyer in NYC for further information at (212) 686-0100 or email jnager@ffgnesqs.com.