Your Debt Collection Lawyer’s Letter Didn’t Work, Now What?

You thought you were going to be paid when your customer received a debt collection lawyer’s letter. They didn’t pay. What do you do now? How do you increase your odds of getting paid? Pursue the lawsuit.

It has been our experience that 50% of the cases settle after filing and serving the summons and complaint on the non-paying customer(s). By authorizing suit you have increased your odds by 50% that you will be paid almost immediately. Once the letter failed to generate a response, your collection attorney recommended suit. Before doing so, research on the debtor was conducted and the claim was deemed collectable. The collection attorney is primarily working on a contingency fee and recommended you proceed. There is a strong likelihood you will succeed and there will be a pay day.

Your debt collection attorney should be ready and able to take your case to the point of payment. For help in getting paid, call (212) 686-0100 or email