Invoicing: Vary the Delivery Method to Maximize New York Debt Collection

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To maximize New York Debt Collection on unpaid invoices, consider varying the method in which you deliver your invoices. Doing so may get you paid.

Take a lead from my digital legal library provider. The vendor had traditionally mailed invoices. For us, invoice came in, payment went out.

At some point the vendor stopped mailing invoices and began emailing them. Honestly, I did not notice.

Aside from rent, payroll and a few other monthly charges, if I do not have a bill or invoice or if it’s not an auto deduction from my bank account, I simply will not remember to pay.

It wasn’t until I saw the “late notice” sitting in the output bin of the fax machine that I realized I was late. The vendor had caught my attention when he notified me that my account was past due.

Since the service is essential for my business and my reason for non-payment was not deliberate, the fax prompted a call to the vendor.

Because the monthly subscription is a flat fee the vendor might have considered a change from paper billing to ACH or other automatic payment methods (rather than moving from paper to email).

Or, perhaps, the vendor, while on the phone with my bookkeeper should have taken the time to make sure that the vendor was added to the safe sender list so that next month’s invoice will be received in the inbox rather than the SPAM folder. They did not.

What the vendor did was vary the delivery method of their invoicing and therefore maximized their New York Debt Collection.

They met their immediate goal.

Determining the right manner for invoicing to maximize your New York Debt Collection is key to increasing cash. Vary the method of delivery.

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