New York Collection Attorney: Lay the Foundation to Build Your Case

Image result for building the foundationIn order to best represent your interests, understanding the underlying transaction is key for your New York Collections Attorney. The facts together with the supporting documents will lay the foundation to build your case.

An explanation of the customer’s reason for non-payment, if any should be divulged at the onset. Doing so will help your New York Collection Attorney understand the approach to take when contacting your nonpaying client during the demand phase. The information is essential to properly prepare for litigation, arbitration, or mediation, if necessary.

There are some creditors who believe it’s best not to disclose the possible reasons for the client’s non-payment or issues that arose during the underlying transaction out of fear the New York Debt Collection Attorney will decline to take the case on a favorable fee arrangement.

Not disclosing pertinent facts always backfires. If discovered later on, the surprising introduction of information will jeopardize your position in the case. Hiding the information will cause you to be an untrustworthy party in litigation, arbitration or mediation.

Think about the client who is owed money for work done on five separate construction projects. There were “issues” on two of the five jobs. If the contractor were to hide the fact that there were issues on the two jobs, he may jeopardize recovery on the three that went well.

Court papers must be drafted to anticipate and include controversy. The process is akin to storytelling or drawing a picture. You will explain to the court, arbitrator, or mediator exactly what happened and support the foundation with documents and testimony to support your case.

Acknowledging possible problems in the relationship from the beginning allows your New York Collection Attorney to incorporate the issues and lay the foundation to build your case.

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