Be Aware of Debt Collection Email Scams

Frank, Frank, Goldstein and Nager has become aware of scammers impersonating our firm in emails attempting to extort money. These emails claim to come from our firm and demand money sent over PayPal. These are fraudulent emails trying to trick you into sending money to a scammer. Scammers will strike at any chance to make a quick buck, even at the expense of a person’s finances or damaging a business along the way. FFGN will never contact a consumer by email, and would never threaten any consumers.

The emails in this situation appear to come from our firm. These are not legitimate emails. We will never email a consumer and, any correspondence would appear on our letterhead. We do not direct anyone to call any numbers other than our published phone number.

Be aware that many emails requesting your personal information may appear to be legitimate but are just an attempt to steal your information. If you are unsure, contact the sender by phone to verify the email’s legitimacy.

If you received a scam email that purports to come from FFGN, please file a complaint with your local police department and send us a copy by fax, mail, or email.

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    1. Sophia,
      Thank you for checking.
      Mario Dale is not associated with our firm.
      Please report the scam to your local police department and, if possible, please email a copy of the filed police complaint to us
      If you have transferred money as requested by the scammers, please contact your credit card company, paypal, if appropriate, and any other company associated with the scam. Jocelyn

  1. We contacted PayPal to advise them of the scam.
    Here is the response from PayPal’s Office of Executive Escalations (KMM428216880V72764L0KM)
    Dear Jocelyn Nager,
    My name is Chris with PayPal’s Office of Executive Escalations. Your outreach was forwarded to me so that I can fully review and address your concerns. I understand how challenging this situation has been, and I apologize for any inconvenience your business or you may have encountered as a result.
    On April 12, 2021, PayPal received an escalated email from you, regarding an ongoing situation with fraudsters using your business name to gain funds from parties under the assumption that your business was collecting a debt on behalf of CashNetUSA Inc. Within your email you also shared known email addresses that the fraudsters are using. On April 17, 2021, I received your email and began to review your concerns. After completing my review, I can assure you that we take this matter extremely seriously. I would encourage you to share with any parties that may have fallen victim to these fraudsters to contact PayPal directly to assist them with addressing any funds they may have sent to the fraudsters.
    Furthermore, we can be reached via online chat at, or via phone at 1-888-221-1161, Monday through Sunday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PST. If for any reason we cannot open a claim to return their funds, then their financial institution can also assist in this matter as well. With that understanding, I cannot go into details regarding other customer’s PayPal accounts due to our strict Privacy policy, but if we do locate accounts falsely representing your business, we will take the necessary actions to alleviate all concerns. Nonetheless, I understand how challenging this experience has been for you, and I again apologize.
    I also want to apologize for the delay in my response, as that was not my intention. I want to thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention, and for allowing PayPal the opportunity to review and prevent future fraud. Thank you for your time and patience throughout this process. Please feel free to contact PayPal’s Office of Executive Escalations at if you have any questions or concerns or if we can be of further assistance.
    PayPal Executive Escalations

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