The Importance of Infrastructure in a New York Debt Collection Litigation Firm.

Image result for computer rooms infrastructureA house is only as strong as it’s foundation. Following that logic, part of engaging a debt collection law firm to handle your New York debt collection case should include an examination of the firms’ infrastructure.

The infrastructure must support the firms’ operations, specifically those of a debt collection firm: tracking claims from intake to demand to litigation (mediation or arbitration), through to judgment, accounting for monies, while at the same time reporting, remitting on monies collected, and more.

The firm’s IT, personnel and premises must be able to protect confidential information, comply with all pertinent regulations.

All staff, in addition to possessing excellent negotiations skills must be kept abreast of the ever-changing landscape of New York Debt Collection laws and New York Debt collection litigation.

Generally, debt collection firms handle a volume of non-payment (breach of contract) case.

The cases/claims are at various stages i.e. demand, litigation, judgment, judgment enforcement. The infrastructure must support and funnel the claims through the process to insure maximum attention and recovery on all fronts.

The infrastructure at Frank, Frank, Goldstein & Nager, P.C. includes seasoned collection attorneys, experienced staff and debt collections system that delivers all debt management, telephony, and client reporting in one secure platform.

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