New York Debt Collection: Answers to Your Questions

If you are looking to collect some of your receivables in New York, chances are you may have questions about New York Debt Collection.

It would be great to be well informed and be able to anticipate what could happen or understand your rights and how to insure maximum collectability from your receivables?

Chances are you are going to have questions. Questions, you might want to ask a New York collections attorney prior to finding yourself in a situation you might have chosen to avoid.

You may have questions about preventing bad debt, tips to increase your in-house collections, selection of a collection of debt collection attorneys, placements of claims, questions about New York litigation, mediation, arbitration, and enforcement of judgments.

Now, thanks to a new searchable website you will be able to research by topic, keyword or phrase related to New York Debt Collection and find answers and helpful information.

Some sample answers to your debt collection questions are:

How do I know if my customer is using delay tactics?

If my customer has endless excuses, what should I do?

How Can I Collect Quicker?

Collection Attorney: Must You Notify Your Customer You are Sending Them to a Collection Attorney?

Do the commercial debt receivables need to be “written off” in order for the firm to handle the claim?

What is a debt collection law firm?

Why use a law firm that is devoted to the collection of bad debt claims?  

How can I better protect myself?

Is Debt Collection Litigation Delayed?

Your Company Filed for Bankruptcy. Can You Still Pursue Collection of Money Owed to You?

Your Customer is Out of State, Can You Collect the Commercial Claim in New York?

Debt Collection: Why are Change Orders or Work Beyond the Scope So Difficult to Collect?

Must I wait until the contractor is paid to get paid?

Must I follow what my contract says?

Is my arbitration clause enforceable?

Will an uncollectible claim risk the future of my other receivables?

How does bad debt affect sales?

My debtor filed for bankruptcy, can I still collect?

Can I still collect commercial bad debt accounts if my company files for bankruptcy?

What is the statute of limitations?

Do payments extend the statute of limitations?

Can I collect from a non-paying U.S. customer?

My customer promised to pay, is that a guaranty of payment?

How long does a customer have to dispute a credit card payment?

How can I reduce non-payment disputes?

What can my accounts receivable aging report tell me?

What are the signs of an improving economy?

Will outsourcing debt collection be more profitable for my company?

How do I achieve credit success?

Should I offer my customer a discount before year end to get paid?

Why should end of year tax planning include a review of accounts receivable?

Am I required to notify my customer I am sending their account to a collection attorney?

Trying to predict the non-payors before doing business with them?

I received an arbitration award, will I get paid now?

For information about converting an arbitration award into an enforceable NY judgment read our short article  “Arbitration Award in Your Favor? Now What?”  If there is something that you are interested in or have a question about, please contact Jocelyn Nager,  or Subscribe to our blogs which will answer some of your inquiries.