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New York Debt Collection: Basics of a Valid Contract

22 March, 2017

Related image A New York Debt Collection case is really a breach of contract case. You and your customer agreed to work together in some capacity and now, you are unpaid. Whether the agreement is in writing or not. You need to make sure that you have the basics of a valid contract in order to win your New York Debt Collection case.

Whether the agreement must be in writing varies state by state. And, even if you do not have a contract, you can pursue the non-paying client on another theory. Regardless, in order to be successful, you must Read more…


New York Debt Collection: We Lost the Client Because of Poor Billing Practices

13 March, 2017

Consulting clients about how best to insure prompt payment includes incorporating work flow, process, procedures, and controls. Invariably the road always leads back to our #1 tip, bill properly and on time. Mea culpa, not having follow my own advice, this New York Debt Collection attorney can speak from experience describing  why we lost the client because of poor billing practices.

Many expect debt collection firms to bill on a straight contingency fee. Software for the industry is Read more…


NY Debt Collection: Invoices Matter. Get Them Right to Get Paid.

8 March, 2017

Used to demand payment from your customer for goods sold and delivered or services provided, an invoice is the most important document needed to be paid. As a bill for service, an invoice needs to be correct. Incorrect information on the invoice will delay payment from your customer. Collection in house or sending out for NY Debt Collection, invoices matter. Get them right to get paid.

A straightforward example is: ABC Honey Corp. issues purchase orders to buy 3000 glass jars.  The jars are sold and delivered to ABC Honey Corp.  An invoice is rendered addressed to ABC Corp. rather than ABC Read more…


NYC Debt Collection Attorney Blog: Old Debt

1 March, 2017

What happens to old debt?  Can you still try to collect it? This question highlights one of the major differences between collecting consumer and commercial debt and one that is on the mind of creditors and NYC Debt Collection Attorneys.

Old Consumer Debt

Any attempt to collect debt from NYC consumers that is “too old” in that it is past the legal allowable time is a Read more…

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