New York Debt Collection: Broken Promises, A Debtor’s Tale

RatIt happens, even to your New York debt collection attorney. A customer promises payment but fails to pay. When confronted, an excuse is made followed by another promise of payment. Often the second promise of payment leads to a third, fourth or fifth broken promise. The customer may assert that “other situations are the reason why payment will not be made.” Most often the reasons are because of the customer’s poor financial situation or a bogus claim of defective goods or services.




Your customer knows they are able to manipulate you:

  • by making meaningless promises or,
  • by putting you on the defensive or,
  • by invoking empathy about their poor financial condition and,
  • you accept these broken promises or bogus allegations, they need not pay you.

If you allow the delinquent payor to take the “lead” they can and will continue to delay payment to you.

This tactic is tried on this New York debt collection attorney. In fact, just last week, after issuing a property execution to the City Marshal on a $40,000.00 judgment, we received a call from the owner of the corporate judgment-debtor.

The judgment-debtor, now desirous to “work things out” (without the Marshal’s office), requested a meeting with our office to discuss payment arrangements. We agreed to meet with the Principal on condition that he brings the $10,000.00 installment payment demanded by the Marshal due that day.

The meeting was “delayed” a few days by the owner for a variety of reasons. When the debtor showed up, he did so without the installment payment. Documents which should have been executed in our office were taken “home for review” together with a promise to return the signed paperwork and payment the following day. Debtor failed to show up the next day. Texts and phone calls were made by the debtor to our client directly in an attempt to gain further extensions.

Yes, as you guessed, payment and signed paperwork did not arrive. We instructed the Marshal to proceed immediately.

Hindsight is almost always 20/20. Upon reflection, it should have been clear that the judgment-debtor’s action to circumvent the Marshal and deal with us directly was an attempt to further stall payment.

How many promises will have to be broken before you enforce your rights to get paid? Do not wait any longer, let us help you. Call this New York debt collection attorney to get paid now at (212) 686-0100 or email Jocelyn directly at