What is a Debt Collection Attorney?

What is a debt collection attorney? Debt collection attorneys aka debt collection lawyers are commercial litigation attorneys. They litigate, take legal action on cases. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, was a collection attorney. As in President Lincoln’s day, collection attorneys handle breach of contract cases. Parties agree to provide goods or services in exchange for pay (a contract). The party delivers the goods and/or services but the customer doesn’t pay. The collection attorney represents the party that wasn’t paid by enforcing the terms of the agreement.

Your collection attorney must offer cost effective solutions to increase your bottom line, money in your pocket. You should not have to spend more to collect your money. A good collection attorney should get you paid without jeopardizing the reputation of your company.

Debt collection attorneys offer a more favorable fee arrangement as compared to traditional hourly billing model. A successful and experienced debt collection attorney has processes and procedures to effectively and profitably handle a volume of cases rather than one at a time.

As a highly respected New York City debt collection attorney, I am able to increase my client’s bottom line by offering cost effective, high recovery, debt collection strategies while being mindful of my client’s reputation.