Will a New York Judgment Suspend My Driver’s License or Registration?

Under the right (or wrong circumstances), a New York judgment entered against you as a result of a vehicle mishap can cause suspension of your driver’s license and/or registration. If your business requires you to have drivers on the road or if you need to drive for work, you can be affected as a result of  New York Judgment entered against you as a result of a traffic incident.  

If you or your driver was involved in  a motor vehicle accident, collision or crash, which resulted in a lawsuit and unsatisfied judgment of more than $1,000.00, your driver’s license and your registration(s) may be suspended.

Section 322 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law authorizes the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to suspend the driver’s license and registration privileges of any person or company who fails to pay a judgment of more than $1,000.00 that resulted from the use or operation of any motor vehicle.

Merely filing a lawsuit or entering a judgment is insufficient for the suspension. Although Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend, the suspension is not automatic. The New York Debt Collection attorney must make an application to the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the suspension. The Department of Motor Vehicles is very specific as to what must be submitted for the suspension as well as what is required to rescind the suspension. Additional information as to the specific requirements and documents needed to cause the suspension is available on Department of Motor Vehicles’s website. 

If a judgment has been entered against you or your driver(s) wrongfully and you want to vacate it or, if  you wish to pursue judgment against someone or place a claim for collection, contact Frank, Frank, Goldstein, & Nager, P.C. for a free consultation by email  jnager@ffgnesqs.com  or phone 212-686-0100 ext. 12.