How to Get Documents Notarized During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Photo of a stamp to represent getting a document notarized during coronavirusAll of us have been affected by the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on daily life. Most of us who work in non-essential jobs have been directed to stay home pursuant to the governor’s executive order. How then, during the coronavirus pandemic, can you get documents notarized so that you can get paid on your debt collection claim?

Some of the areas most affected by the coronavirus pandemic are the services that require documents notarized, such as an affidavit, satisfaction of a lien, and satisfaction of a judgment, and others.

Normally, an affidavit must be executed in the presence of a notary public to be valid. Under the normal notarial process, the notary must be presented with the signer’s identification and then the notary must witness the person’s signature on a document. After this, the notary would then sign and apply their notary stamp to the document, attesting to the validity of the person’s signature. Before March, such occurrences were commonplace — especially in the legal world. However, such activities are now near-impossible under the current rules of social distancing and the governor’s mandate.

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How the Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect Debt Collection

A photo of handwashing to represent coronavirus and debt collection.No doubt you have already felt the effect of coronavirus on your business. As the virus spreads across the U.S., things are coming to a quick slowdown. Understanding how the coronavirus outbreak will affect your debt collection claims will help manage your expectations of recovery.

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Will Affect the Courts

Beginning March 16 at 5 p.m. the courts will postpone all “non-essential” services. The following changes will likely impact your civil suits and ability to recover money and property: 

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