CONSUMER ALERT: FFGN is a Victim of Identity Theft

It has been brought to our attention that consumers are receiving emails from a separate entity referencing a fake Court date and our firm’s name. More specifically the emails state that the consumer owes a specific amount and must either report to a New York Court on a specified date (usually only a few days away) OR they must mail a check for the $980 to an address in California. This email uses Jocelyn Nager’s name. Some of the emails include the individual’s social security number. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THESE ENTITIES OR EMAILS IN ANY WAY. THE CORRESPONDENCE IS HARASSING. THIS FIRM WOULD NEVER ISSUE THESE NOTICES OR EMAILS.

Thus far, the emails we are aware of being sent are from: Erik Wall, and Peter Williams, The subject line for both of these emails reflects: Civil Action (date) Final Notification. In addition, the email is signed:

Court-Ordered Debt Collections

Franchise Tax Board

PO Box1328

Rancho Cordova, CA 95741-1328

We have reported this violation to the appropriate authorities. If you receive this email, please send copies to us and report the activity to the FBI, Attorney General and FTC.

1 thought on “CONSUMER ALERT: FFGN is a Victim of Identity Theft”

  1. I have received repeated warnings from Peter Williams in regards to a payday loan that I owe. he has threatened me multiple times with court action. I have been scammed before with people having me western union or money gram them money for a payment, So I have been very skeptical about this one. I keep asking if he has a phone number where he can be reached, so I can pay via my debit card (which is how I have settled a previous payday loan fiasco), and he kept repeating that his system was down and not operational. I am really glad that I read this website and realized that he is a scam and not for real. Thank you for giving me the warning!

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