NYC Debt Collection Attorney Advice: Predict the Non-Payors Before Doing Business

 Case Study: This NYC debt Collection attorney firm was recently contacted by a landlord in California. One of his tenants, a famous New York socialite, three months in arrears, skipped, owing approximately 250k. The client was convinced that as NYC debt collection attorneys, we would be able to force the debtor’s hand to dig into her designer pocketbook merely by filing and serving a summons and complaint.

A search in e-courts revealed numerous filings against the socialite. Cases had been filed by an architect for 98k for renovations to her New York four unit. condo, another filed by a bank for defaulted car payments, another by a Network for damages resulting from a broken film deal for 600k and more. All of the actions are vigorously defended by the socialite. Based upon current Court Filings, it appears. 

that any action against the former tenant would be vigorously defended resulting in protracted litigation.

The landlord might have known he was dealing with a habitual non-payor had he checked in advance.

Your need not wait until after you have done business with a customer to come to the realization that you will not get paid. Most of the information to reveal a non-payor can be found in public records available to all. Spend just a few minutes researching the prospect and/or old time customer to determine if you should walk away or engage the customer.

Databases available to you:

  • New York Secretary of State: Liens (for security interest in debtor’s propertyare filed with the Secretary of State. The link for the NY Secretary of State UCC/Lien search can be found here. In addition to the customer’s correct corporate composition you can find other pertinent information about your client.
  • NYC Real Property Records also known as ACRIS may be used to locate the owner of a property within the five Boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island). Here is a link: It can be viewed by all. In addition to finding the deeds online, you will find all mortgages and security interests in the property. You can research the buildings and/or individual apartments.
  • E Courts may be used to check current and past New York Court filings. Here is the link:

To view additional databases available please visit our site’s helpful links page. Would you like to learn more about pre-screening your customers to avoid non-payors or receive help collecting a claim? Please call this NYC debt collection attorney firm (212) 686-0100 or email Jocelyn directly at