New York Debt Collection Papers: Informing My Client of Filing Suit

New York debt collection papers, what are the rules about letting your client know you filed them?

After suit authorization, you or your attorney files papers used to begin New York debt collection litigation with the court. Papers used to begin a NY debt collection litigation generally consist of a summons and complaint, a summons with notice, or a motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint. You must serve any of those on the parties named in the lawsuit according to strict rules.

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NYC Debt Collection: Can an Electronic Signature Help Get You Paid?

Image result for signing a contractTechnology has been a blessing in countless ways. Agreements can be sent out electronically to prospective clients. Clients are able to review, and, if need be, make any revisions. The contracts can be “signed, sealed and delivered” with just a few keystrokes.  Although it is faster and easier to get the agreement signed, does the aid of an electronic signature help get your New York Debt Collection claim paid?

Gone are the days of most clients claiming they cannot sign a contract or change order when doing business with you.

Electronic signatures may be valid for credit card authorization, work authorizations or, just in general.

The necessity of printing a contract to sign it, scan it, and send it back is no longer a necessity thanks to “electronic signatures”. Thanks to the E-Sign Act of 2000 (Federal Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (E-Sign)), electronic signatures and electronic copies of contracts may be just what you need to show a valid agreement and enforceable under conditions and can help Continue reading “NYC Debt Collection: Can an Electronic Signature Help Get You Paid?”


NYC Debt Collection Attorney Blog: Old Debt

What happens to old debt?  Can you still try to collect it? This question highlights one of the major differences between collecting consumer and commercial debt and one that is on the mind of creditors and NYC Debt Collection Attorneys.

Old Consumer Debt

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