Domesticating a Foreign Sister State Judgment in New York: It’s in the Affidavit

Domesticating a Foreign Judgment in New YorkDomesticating a foreign sister state Judgment in New York will NOT be possible without a clearly, carefully worded Affidavit drafted by your New York debt collection attorney. Quite often the Clerk rejects the request to enter the foreign sister state judgment because the accompanying Affidavit is incomplete or insufficient.

New York Courts recognize foreign Court judgments when the underlying judgment was obtained on the merits. When a judgment is obtained on merits, the defendant had a meaningful part in the defense of the action before a decision or judgment was reached. The New York Courts will accept and honor the decision of the out of state Court giving it full faith in credit. If the judgment was obtained by default or by Confession/Consent, then the Court will not recognize the judgment. Continue reading “Domesticating a Foreign Sister State Judgment in New York: It’s in the Affidavit”


Domesticating A Foreign Sister State Court Judgment In New York

Domesticating a Foreign State Court Judgment in New YorkYou recovered a judgment in your State with the help of your debt collection attorney. It turns out that the judgment-debtor has assets in New York. In order to attach the judgment-debtor’s assets in New York the judgment must be registered. How do you do it? The procedure for domesticating a foreign sister state court judgment in New York is governed by the judgment itself; i.e. a judgment on consent, judgment on default or a judgment on the merits. Continue reading “Domesticating A Foreign Sister State Court Judgment In New York”