New York Mechanic’s Liens – an Influential Process

New York mechanic’s liens are truly influential. Why is that important to you? New York’s real estate boom has been a tremendous catalyst for growth. And, points of pain may be associated with that growth. For instance, if you’re someone who has extended credit to fund one project or a few or have money out on the street in some other way, you must know how to best protect your rights. For that reason, understanding New York mechanic’s liens and their influence in helping you receive payment is a must.

New York Mechanic’s Liens – the Ins and Outs

On September 25, 2018, I will participate as a speaker at an LMNOP workshop designed to help contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors understand how mechanic’s liens factor into and influence the project process in NY.

The program will provide a well-rounded, comprehensive understanding of the weighty impact of filing a New York mechanic’s lien. No matter what your point of view – lawyer, project manager, contractor, real estate management company, supplier – if you have involvement in real estate, you must attend.

Successfully Filing a New York Mechanic’s Lien

In detail, Jocelyn Nager, FFGN managing partner, will discuss the process of and requirements for filing a New York mechanic’s lien. She will address these key points:

  • Understanding who is entitled to file a mechanic’s lien in NY – Based on NY lien law’s definition, not all but most NY construction project service providers and/or goods suppliers may file a mechanic’s lien.
  • Information needed to file a lien – In order to file a valid mechanic’s lien, you will need certain information. If the information is not accurate, then your lien is invalid.
  • The lien-filing time frame – You must file a mechanic’s lien within a set time frame. Each time frame is different and the type of property determines the time frame.
  • The lien-filing process – Filing a valid mechanic’s lien is more than just completing a form. The process has a few steps. It is helpful to understand the process whether you decide to file on your own or outsource to a third party.
  • We will help you understand the impact of a lien on public and private jobs and its effect on your ability to obtain payment.

Can’t make the seminar? Not to worry. We are here to answer your questions. We will post a seminar video on our blog shortly after the program. To access, please subscribe to the blog. You may contact Jocelyn directly by email, or call (212) 686-0100.