Common Defenses in Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Cases

An image of tools to represent mechanics lien foreclosureFiling a mechanic’s lien may not be enough to get paid. While it works as a lien on the real property you improved, if not voluntarily paid, you will have to make a decision regarding what to do next. The lien itself can not secure payment for monies owed. Here is an all too common scenario:

Your company was hired as a subcontractor for a job located at 123 First Avenue, New York. The general contractor who hired you to work on the job never paid you. Believing the owner did not pay the general contractor for your work, you filed a mechanic’s lien against the property at 123 First Avenue. Even though you filed a lien, neither the owner of the property nor the general contractor paid you to satisfy the lien. Continue reading “Common Defenses in Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Cases”


New York Mechanic’s Liens – an Influential Process

New York mechanic’s liens are truly influential. Why is that important to you? New York’s real estate boom has been a tremendous catalyst for growth. And, points of pain may be associated with that growth. For instance, if you’re someone who has extended credit to fund one project or a few or have money out on the street in some other way, you must know how to best protect your rights. For that reason, understanding New York mechanic’s liens and their influence in helping you receive payment is a must. Continue reading “New York Mechanic’s Liens – an Influential Process”


Can You Get Paid Without Foreclosing on Your New York Mechanics Lien?

Because you supplied goods or worked on property in New York and didn’t get paid, you were able to take advantage of New York’s lien law and file a mechanics lien.

By doing so you were able to put the world on notice that you have a claim as it relates to monies owed for goods supplied or work done on the underlying property.

You thought the only chance to get paid was to enforce your rights as it relates to the underlying property. Placing the lien didn’t get the attention you had hoped and enforcement of a lien is not always practical.

For one or more reasons, you have decided not to foreclose on your New York Mechanics Lien.

Are you now forced to abandon any hopes of getting paid on the receivable or can you get paid without foreclosing on your New York Mechanic’s lien? Continue reading “Can You Get Paid Without Foreclosing on Your New York Mechanics Lien?”