New York Debt Collection Claim Practices

one hundred dollar billsNew York debt collection claim practices have been in the news. There’s been publicity recently about debt collection practices of the merchant cash-advance industry. It can shed light on how to avoid legal disputes in your debt collection claim.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s money loaned, services rendered, or goods sold and delivered. You want your money. When seeking to enforce your right to get your money, the borrower/client sometimes looks to delay. They may vehemently thwart the debt collection claim by creating issues where none existed. They may also file baseless counterclaims. Continue reading “New York Debt Collection Claim Practices”


Arbitration Award in Your Favor? Now What?

Arbitration Award in Your Favor? Now What?Your customer didn’t pay. Because your contract required you to go to arbitration, you did. The arbitration was held and you won your case. Award was rendered in your favor for the full principal balance due together with costs and interest. A copy of the arbitration award was mailed to the customer but you still haven’t been paid. Can you now go ahead, enforce the award and force payment? Continue reading “Arbitration Award in Your Favor? Now What?”


NY Collection Attorney: Accepting Credit Cards? Prepare for Disputes!

NY Collection AttorneyThe invoice was marked “paid” when your customer paid the balance by credit card. Why then, six months later, are you asking your NY collection attorney: why the amount of the payment is being reversed by the credit card company? What dispute? The customer was satisfied with the goods and services and paid in full. Why now, after six months, and without warning, did they file a dispute? Continue reading “NY Collection Attorney: Accepting Credit Cards? Prepare for Disputes!”