Issues Domesticating Foreign Judgments in New York

Gavel with documents underneathA New York collection attorney can assist out-of-state or foreign law firms in domesticating out-of-state or foreign judgments in New York. We discussed steps to register or domesticate those judgments in New York in an earlier blog post.

There are issues that arise that are specific to New York. For example, New York draws a line between judgments obtained on the merits and those obtained on default. There are issues that you should be aware of that arise when attempting to register or domesticate foreign judgments in New York.

The Most Common Errors Domesticating a State or Foreign Judgment

Here are six of the most common errors made when trying to domesticate a sister state or foreign judgment: Continue reading “Issues Domesticating Foreign Judgments in New York”


Paying Personal Expenses From A Corporate Account?

If you are paying personal expenses from a corporate account, you may be liable for corporate debt.

Some business owners can’t help but get in their own way. For example, take the business owner who rings up debt and uses corporate assets to pay personal expenses. They believe that status as a corporation shields them from personal liability for corporate debts.

And let’s say that you recovered a judgment against a corporation. As a judgment creditor in New York, you can subpoena their financial institution records and more. By subpoenaing the corporate bank records, you can see checks issued from the corporate account. Continue reading “Paying Personal Expenses From A Corporate Account?”


The Work Was Done Without a Written Contract, Can I Still Get Paid? 

There are those that think they have you beat. Perhaps your customer had no intention of paying in part or in whole and purposely did not sign the contract. You ask for payment and they remind you that you do not have a signed agreement and perhaps invite suit! Don’t worry, even without a signed agreement you can get payment for the work done.

It’s ideal to have a signed agreement. Despite technology and all the conveniences, in some business transactions, it isn’t always possible. Whether deliberate or not, there are those clients who get around signing a contract.

Many clients believe they cannot recover monies owed because they did not secure a signed, written agreement or additional written requests for work. For those customers who may have purposely engaged you with the intent not to pay, they will claim that you cannot collect because you do not have a signed written agreement. Not true.   Continue reading “The Work Was Done Without a Written Contract, Can I Still Get Paid? “