New York Debt Collection Claim Practices

one hundred dollar billsNew York debt collection claim practices have been in the news. There’s been publicity recently about debt collection practices of the merchant cash-advance industry. It can shed light on how to avoid legal disputes in your debt collection claim.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s money loaned, services rendered, or goods sold and delivered. You want your money. When seeking to enforce your right to get your money, the borrower/client sometimes looks to delay. They may vehemently thwart the debt collection claim by creating issues where none existed. They may also file baseless counterclaims. Continue reading “New York Debt Collection Claim Practices”


NY Debt Collection Litigation: Can Suing Push a Nonpayor to Pay?

NY debt collection litigation may get your nonpaying customer to pay just by filing suit.

If you knew statistically that filing NY debt collection litigation would cause your customer to pay, would that help you decide to advance costs and proceed with a suit? Continue reading “NY Debt Collection Litigation: Can Suing Push a Nonpayor to Pay?”


NY Debt Collection Litigation: Keep Records

Related imageDealing with slow or non-paying customers or clients?

Anticipate that you might need to pursue NY debt collection litigation efforts and keep records.

What should you keep?
All electronic and physical documents relating to the business relationship should be kept in anticipation of debt collection litigation.

“Records” include the credit file, underlying business transactions, billing, collection efforts and more.  These “records” could be used as “evidence”  Continue reading “NY Debt Collection Litigation: Keep Records”