What’s The Time Limit To Convert An Arbitration Award To A Judgment In NY?

You only have a year to do that. Since arbitration is an expedited process, you get a relatively short period to confirm the award in New York. Confirming the arbitration award has a 12-month statute of limitations. And the clock starts ticking the date of the arbitrator’s final determination, not the date of the arbitration award.

While confirming the award sounds simple and straightforward, there can be bumps in the road. Make certain not to drive into a pothole, causing damage beyond repair that prevents you from confirming your award on time. Continue reading “What’s The Time Limit To Convert An Arbitration Award To A Judgment In NY?”


Paying Personal Expenses From A Corporate Account?

If you are paying personal expenses from a corporate account, you may be liable for corporate debt.

Some business owners can’t help but get in their own way. For example, take the business owner who rings up debt and uses corporate assets to pay personal expenses. They believe that status as a corporation shields them from personal liability for corporate debts.

And let’s say that you recovered a judgment against a corporation. As a judgment creditor in New York, you can subpoena their financial institution records and more. By subpoenaing the corporate bank records, you can see checks issued from the corporate account. Continue reading “Paying Personal Expenses From A Corporate Account?”


Judgment: “SEIZE” the Opportunity to Get Paid

JudgmentFact: Very few judgments are paid voluntarily. Fact: You and your attorney must “seize” the opportunities to get your judgment paid.

FACT: It’s up to you and your attorney to identify the assets to be “seized.”

Thanks to the internet, information revealing debtor’s assets is mostly Continue reading “Judgment: “SEIZE” the Opportunity to Get Paid”


Would Classic Cars Satisfy Your Judgment?

JudgmentAssets of all types can be sold to satisfy a judgment. An experienced New York debt collection attorney knows how to identify and seize assets so they can be sold to satisfy your judgment. You may be surprised which assets can be seized to get you paid. Throughout Frank, Frank, Goldstein & Nager, P.C.’s 75 plus years of enforcing judgments in New York, we get you paid. Continue reading “Would Classic Cars Satisfy Your Judgment?”